We provide full assistance in
freight and storage

Container Drayage

Container Drayage

We prioritize your port shipments,
ensuring quick and efficient transport
through agreements with leading
steamship lines & rail carriers in the
tristate area. Our well-trained staff
maintains product integrity using
temperature monitoring techniques.

Container Drayage

Local, Regional, Long-
Haul & LTL Trucking

As a full-service transportation
company, we cater to various trucking
needs, including carrier services,
airfreight, LTL, TL, and regional
distribution. Teaming up with top carriers
& brokers, we handle your freight
shipment process from start to finish.

Container Drayage


Our experienced staff at Platinum
Transport has the expertise to
make sure your freight is loaded &
unloaded with minimal damage.
We handle the entire process of
transloading with quality,
efficiency, and accuracy.

Container Drayage

Rail Pickup

Located near all rail yards in the
NJ metro area, Platinum Transport
offers swift rail pickup services.
Our efficient operations ensure
timely collection & delivery,
making us the ideal partner for
your rail transport needs.

Container Drayage

Warehousing &

Our Elizabeth New Jersey warehouse is
the ideal location for businesses looking
for transloading, cross docking, or pallet
rework services near the NY NJ Ports.
With a prime location near major
highways, our warehouse provides
same-day access to the NY Metro area

Container Drayage

Customs Broker
and Freight Forwarder

Platinum Transport has 10+ years of
experience working with top brokers
and forwarders, and we provide
referrals to licensed professionals for
your business needs at no extra cost.
Our goal is to ensure our clients'
products are in good hands.


As experts in import, export, and overweight/oversized containers, we offer a decade of professional service at competitive rates. Trust Platinum Transport for your transportation needs, and experience our unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction.


Let's Discuss Your
Transportation Needs

At Platinum Transport, we understand the
importance of finding cost-effective
transportation solutions that meet your
business needs. That's why we offer free quotes
to help you better understand the value we can
bring to your organization.

To get started, simply fill out our online form or
give us a call today. Our team of experts will
work with you to understand your specific
transportation needs and provide a detailed,
customized quote that fits your budget.

Don't settle for subpar transportation services -
discover the value of Platinum Transport today.


Close to every NY/NJ
metro area port.


Trained dispatchers are
available to take your
call 24 hours a day.

Chassis Fleet

Having our own fleet of chassis
allows us to pick up your
container as soon as you request it

GPS & GEO Fencing

Trucks are directed along
the quickest routes.

Online Login

Check availability status
on LFD scheduling and
your shipment.

Monitoring Software

Customized software lets
you track your driver and
shipment in real-time.

24 Hour Dispatch

Trained dispatchers is
available to take your
call 24 hours a day.

Driver Handheld Device

Platinum Transport drivers
are equipped with a tablet
to update movement.